Developing the Selwyn Project with a company-wide commitment to the highest environmental and social standards
Moving the Selwyn Project towards the environmental and socio-economic assessment process in a logical, phased approach
Building long-term relationships and finding way for local communities and businesses to benefit from what we do
Adopting high standards of social, economic and environmental performance, aligned with the evolving priorities of our communities of interest

About the Selwyn Project

The Selwyn Project is a proposed zinc-lead mine, located in Howard’s Pass in eastern Yukon. The Project is one of the largest undeveloped zinc-lead deposits in the world and is located 165 kilometers east of Ross River and 280 km north of Watson Lake, straddling the border with the Northwest Territories.

The Selwyn Project is in the advanced exploration phase. This means Selwyn Chihong, with its team of experts and consultants, is conducting the technical and environmental research and studies required to design the proposed mine and begin preparing to apply for the Project to enter the environmental and social economic assessment process.

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Socio-Economic Participation Agreement

In 2015, Selwyn Chihong and representatives for the Kaska Nation negotiated a Socio-economic Participation Agreement (SEPA) to outline how to share the benefits and opportunities created by the Selwyn Project. Members of the Kaska Nation will need to vote whether to ratify this agreement at some point in the future.